Education signed a memorandum with the Gulf Foundation to provide school gardens in 10 schools in the governorates of Gaza

24 May 2016 - 14:41


Dr. Ziad Thabet, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education with the Gulf Educational Foundation in Gaza, a memorandum of understanding to provide school gardens in 10 schools in the governorates of Gaza, funded by the Foundation OFID.

The signing ceremony was held at the ministry's headquarters in Gaza. Tayseer Al-Shurafa, Director-General of School Health, and a number of officials from the Ministry and the Gulf Foundation.

Under the project, several steps will be implemented, including the provision of greenhouses in 10 schools, improvement of clay soil, the installation of four mobile umbrellas for students, the provision of a mini mobile electronic library and special training for teachers, students and scientific and environmental club members on the agricultural care of gardens and the decoration of nearby walls, .

The project is implemented during the current semester and ends on 31/3/2017

He stressed d. It emphasizes the importance of the project and its importance as it provides a healthy and sound environment for students and gives a cultural perspective to schools, and also encourages students to get used to extracurricular activities through which to learn agriculture, irrigation mechanism, soil and other activities aimed at the project.

Dr. Thank you to the Gulf Educational Foundation for its efforts in the service of the educational process.