Workshop on integrating the disabled in the educational process and improving the educational environment

29 November 2016 - 12:28

The Gulf Educational Foundation branch in Gaza held a workshop entitled "Ways to Support and Improve the Educational Environment for People with Disabilities and Integrate Them into the Educational Process" in the presence of a number of civil society organizations (the Central Bureau of Statistics, the American Center for the General Union of the Disabled, Amal Association for the Deaf and the General Federation of Disabled Persons.

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The participants expressed their thanks for the title of the workshop and the role of the pioneering institution, where the Gulf Education Society is implementing integrated programs for people with disabilities in schools and universities and institutions incubating them through the activities of interconnected and multiple and distributed at specific intervals of time and discussed all issues related to their rights to receive services and the absence of binding law To ministries and independent bodies in employment and others and demanded the need to attend ministries such as education and social affairs special sessions and implement the hopes and aspirations of this category because it has the right and fulfill their obligations and concluded some points that contribute to d C with disabilities in schools and universities:

1 - Raising the efficiency of teachers and how to deal with behavioral, psychological and moral with people with disabilities.

2. How to provide protection.

3 - Provide a cover for the poor of this category and a meal inside the schools

4 - Provide mobile electric chairs

5 - improve the environment accompanying them, whether home, school or university

6. Improve curricula so that they are computerized and teaching aids for all disabilities

The participants agreed to a second workshop soon to complete the above and call on the ministries concerned to attend