Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Laboratory Agreement

20 July 2017 - 13:51


Prof. Amna Al-Awwar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Gulf Educational Foundation and Dr. Emad Adwan, Chairman of the Technical College of Palestine in Deir Al-Balah, signed the agreement to equip the refrigeration and air conditioning laboratory. The attendees included Dr. Ayman Al-Yazouri, Assistant Undersecretary of Higher Education Affairs at the Ministry of Education. (The education sector) and the supervision of the National Office for the Reconstruction of the Gaza Strip in the southern governorates where the signing ceremony took place at the college's headquarters and the audience thanked the Kuwaiti government and people and the Kuwaiti Fund for its high performance in the Gulf Foundation In support of the education sector in Gaza and to thank Mr. Marwan Al-Ghanim, Director of Operations, Kuwait Fund, Ali Taysir Amor Grant to serve the education sector.