An inspection tour for the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Kuwait High School project in Rafah Governorate

30 May 2022 - 09:55

The Gulf Educational Foundation, headed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Thana Hashem Al-Khaznadar, Eng. Younis Shoman, Director of the Engineering Projects Department, and Ms. Mona Ashour, Project Coordinator, paid a visit to the project of establishing a secondary school in Kuwait in Rafah Governorate.

They were received by the engineer supervising the project, Eng. Ramy Ashour and M. Ahmed Al Qidra from Dhi Qar Company, the company executing the project. The attendees welcomed the visiting delegation, praising the role of the Gulf Educational Foundation in supporting the educational sector in the Gaza Strip in general, and Palestinian schools in particular, and appreciating the social responsibility undertaken by the institution in serving large sectors of society.

On her part, she praised Dr. Al-Khaznadar praised the implementation, and expressed her appreciation and respect for what has been accomplished so far by the executing company, the staff and the engineers supervising the project, and followed up on the completion stages of the project and what has been achieved so far.

This was briefed by M. Ramy Ashour the delegation during an inspection tour of the classrooms and administration offices of Kuwait High School implemented by the Gulf Educational Foundation and with a generous donation from the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development in Kuwait, and under the supervision of the Islamic Development Bank, praising the efforts made for the success of this project.

This secondary school is a wonderful strategic location that will serve a large segment of the community on the one hand, and contribute to the promotion and development of the appropriate educational environment for our students at various educational levels.