Distribution of Quranic-speaking alumni for people with visual disabilities

16 September 2014 - 23:19


The Gulf Educational Foundation-Palestine Branch distributed a number of Quranic books to graduates with visual disabilities in the Association of Graduates with Visual Disabilities, with a generous donation from the Motassadeqin for the spirit of Mrs. Salha Khamis, may God have mercy on her, and by the Islamic Society of the Kingdom of Bahrain.


The distribution was attended by a delegation from the Gulf Foundation, Jameela Tamraz, Coordinator of the Foundation's projects, and Mr. Nader Bashir, Director of the Association, and Mr. Emad Sabah, Project Coordinator.3

In his speech, Mr. Nader Bashir thanked the Gulf Educational Foundation for its support of the Association, as well as the service of students with visual disabilities to help them facilitate their educational process, hoping to continue fruitful and constructive cooperation between the two institutions.4

For her part, Said that Gulf Foundation will continue its efforts to support academic and educational institutions and serve the students of the sector.